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The central database is our main project. We compile and then republish data in order to provide access to information on the Spanish Civil War and the Franco Regime, with particular regard to victims of repression and reprisal. We also publish articles about the Spanish Second Republic, the Spanish Civil War and Francoist Spain. Our goals are to defend and promote the right of access to information and to archives, as well as to publicise the importance of archives and of historical research.


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Photo: A group of women in the Cemetery in Lleida, where they went to identify their relatives killed during the bombing of the city, by Agustí Centelles. Lleida, 3 November 1937. Reproducida bajo licencia. ESPAÑA. MINISTERIO DE EDUCACIÓN, CULTURA Y DEPORTE, Centro Documental de la Memoria Histórica, ARCHIVO CENTELLES, FOTO 2806.